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Kidz Scotland Event 11th September 2014

Hello everyone! City of Edinburgh schools are now back after the summer holiday, so I will be posting on the blog once more.  I hope you have all had a lovely summer, whatever you got up to. To start things … Continue reading

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World Autism Awareness Day 2014

April is Autism Awareness Month in the UK, and tomorrow is World Autism Awareness Day.  This day happens on 2nd April every year, and is recognised by the United Nations.  Many organisations across the globe have special events to raise awareness … Continue reading

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iOS App Profile: FindMe

FindMe (listed in the app store as FindMe(Autism)) is an app designed to support young children with autism to practise simple social skills. It has been developed at the University of Edinburgh as part of the Click East project, so … Continue reading

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Twitter for teachers – some tips and useful hashtags

I know that many of you who read this blog will be well-versed in the not-so-mysterious mysteries of twitter, but I also know that some of you have never been on it.  Or been interested in being on it.  Until … Continue reading

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Many pupils would benefit from having the text on their computer screen read out to them. There are many programs that will do this for you, but the two easiest ways for Edinburgh staff to make this happen is to … Continue reading

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Voice Recognition on the iPad

Voice recognition has improved so much over the past 10 years, that it can now be utilised easily, without a long period spent “training” software to recognise your voice. I’m sure that you can imagine how this technology can be … Continue reading

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