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Type and Test

I am often asked about resources to support typing skills, and indeed have previously published a whole blog post on this topic.  Being able to type well is an incredibly useful skill for any young person to have, but particularly for … Continue reading

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Twitter for teachers – some tips and useful hashtags

I know that many of you who read this blog will be well-versed in the not-so-mysterious mysteries of twitter, but I also know that some of you have never been on it.  Or been interested in being on it.  Until … Continue reading

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Making the mouse easier to use

For some children and young people, using a mouse can be challenging.  This can be because they cannot physically access the mouse, or it can be because the way the mouse responds is a bit tricky – for example, the … Continue reading

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Keyboard Skills

All children and young people benefit from having good keyboarding skills, as typing is such an integral part of many jobs and further education courses.  For those with additional support needs, it is even more vital as many supportive software … Continue reading

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