How to Make a Request for Service

All requests for service from ICT ASL must come through the Additional Support Access Point (ASAP) – i.e. they must be made through a school or centre.  Please also see the City of Edinburgh Council’s website for more information for professionals.

Before a request can be made, a Child’s Planning Meeting should have taken place.  The child or young person should be working at Pathway 3 or above.

In addition, if a partner service (HOTS, VTSS or EAL) is involved with the child or young person already, ICT advice should be sought from them in the first instance.  They will be able to advise on relevant software or hardware which could benefit the learner.

If no other ASL Service is involved with the learner, a member of the school’s ASL team should discuss the learner’s needs with the establishment’s Support Coordinator who may advise on resources or may recommend a request for service through ASAP.

A request for service is made to ASAP by a member of the school’s ASL team through the Named Person who will submit an Assessment of Need and the Child’s Plan. The Child’s Plan should include information on ICT strategies which have already been tried, as well as how successful they have been. This should include how and where they have been used throughout the school day.

The ASAP group will review all measures taken to date and will make recommendations and/or provide support through the ICT ASL Development Officer. If the latter, the ICT ASL Development Officer will contact the ASL team leader to arrange an appointment to carry out an assessment.

For more information, please contact us.


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