Software Guides

Here you will find guides for software that are available through the City of Edinburgh Council portal.  Remember, schools can, and should, add to this basic toolkit of software by purchasing additional licences, and/or additional software packages.  Special prices are sometimes available to educational establishments – contact us, or the supplier, for advice before purchasing.  For information on what licences you have as standard in school, please contact us.

Clicker 5, Clicker Paint, and Clicker Phonics

CrickSoft UK have a great YouTube channel with video tutorials for Clicker 5 and their other products.  Below are some written guides, just click to download.

Introduction to Clicker 5, Clicker Paint and Clicker Phonics
Using the grid templates
Creating a new word bank
Colour-coding Clicker 5
Instant Pictures
Adding a record button
Creating a talking book
Adding scanning for switch users
Clicker Phonics
Clicker Paint

Don’t forget to register for free at, where you will find a lot of ready-made resources.

Other packages

We also have guides for ClozePro, CoWriter and Kidspiration.

If you have questions that aren’t covered by the above guides, or by a quick search online, please do contact us.


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