ICT can be used to bypass difficulties with fine motor control for the majority of pupils.  However, pupils who have a diagnosis of Dyspraxia may also experience difficulties in other areas of learning.

ICT strategies

  • Find an alternative to writing by hand for longer pieces of work: type work instead, use word banks eg. Clicker, or using voice-recognition
  • Facilitate word processing if this is the preferred method: if typing is slow, develop keyboarding skills, the sites BBC Dance Mat and Doorway Online are recommended for this purpose.
  • If typing is still slow, consider using word prediction to quicken up the process, and reduce the number of keystrokes, eg Cowriter, Read and Write Gold
  • If organising their work is a challenge, teach mindmapping skills, eg using Kidspiration, Inspiration, Xmind, Popplet

You may wish to read this article from McMaster University in Canada entitled To Write or to Type – That is the Question.


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