Visual Impairment

All ICT devices have built in accessibility options to support visual difficulties. For more specialised advice, please contact the VI team in VTSS.

ICT strategies

  • Consider changing the font type, size, colour, the background colour of the page and positioning of the computer.
  • Make available electronic copies of work which can then be adapted or read by a text to speech engine.
  • Use the zoom function
  • Work through the accessibility options on the computer/device with the learner, e.g. cursor size, or “speak selection” on iPad.
  • Use Clicker, Wordtalk, Read and Write, PDF Aloud, Acrobat Reader, Balabolka  as these all have text-to-speech functionality
  • Use the zoom function on web browsers for accessing websites
  • Use Keyboard Stickers or an alternative keyboard, eg BIG keys
  • Teach learners how to change the accessibility options independently

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