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iOS 8 and its new accessibility features

Many of you will know that Apple released an update to the operating system of its mobile and tablet devices last week: iOS 8.  For schools, this means that anything from iPad 2 and up can be updated to this … Continue reading

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How to change the keyboard layout in Windows 7

Following on from last week’s post on changing the keyboard on the iPad, here’s a how-to for Windows 7 – the operating system that City of Edinburgh refreshed machines are running.  The official Microsoft guide is helpful, but a little … Continue reading

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Changing the language of an iPad’s keyboard

Today, Stephan Millar from the Edinburgh EAL Service talks us through how you can add keyboards in different languages to your iPad.

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Keyboard Skills

All children and young people benefit from having good keyboarding skills, as typing is such an integral part of many jobs and further education courses.  For those with additional support needs, it is even more vital as many supportive software … Continue reading

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