Useful Downloads

This page will serve as a repository for useful downloads such as lists of apps or relevant articles.  It is recommended that you also sign up to follow ICT ASL Edinburgh via email (see our News and Resources page) to receive more useful information.

Please let us know if you discover that any of the links no longer work, or if you have something you’d like to add to this page.

Technical issues

The Digital Learning Team and BT have produced a whole load of help sheets on various topics – it is definitely worth checking out this page on the Orb to see if your question is answered there.

Lists of apps for iPad

Various organisations have created lists of iPad apps for different types of learner.  Download them by clicking on the links below:

Progressive Apps for Early Learning – produced by Keycomm
Wheel of Apps for Learners with Dyslexia – produced by CALL Scotland
Wheel of Autism Apps – produced by Sue-Fletcher Watson at DART

You might also wish to check out, a site that focuses on apps for education.

Other useful documents

SCRAN user guide – crib sheet – SCRAN is a database of copyright free pictures available free to all Scottish Schools. Lots of templates to create worksheets. A GLOW or SCRAN login required.

To Write or to Type – That is the Question!  – An article from McMaster University in Canada, which provides food for thought when considering learners who struggle with handwriting.

Software Available to CEC Primary Schools and Early Years Establishments – produced by the Digital Learning Team

Software Available to CEC Secondary Schools – produced by the Digital Learning Team

How acoustically friendly is your classroom?  These very helpful acoustic assessment and acoustic solutions sheets can really help you improve the teaching environment for your hearing impaired learners.


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